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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  May 10, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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joining us live from liver more with details on how the family is being honored. a lot of people coming out to remember them. >> and they are still coming out at this hour. you can see them behind me. people coming out here to share their respects on this mother's day. people are honoring a mother who should have been celebrating with her two children. you can see the sign that reads, esper anza happy mother's day.
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they were killed by an alleged drunk driver. today, family, friends and strangers paid tribute to the mother and daughter by leaving flowers and balloons that say happy mother's day in both english and spanish. we spoke to her relatives, who say her 10-year-old son is grief stricken on this mother's day. >> i feel sorry for her son. this is not fair. >> reporter: 35-year-old brian jones of livermore allegedly lost control of his car and hit and killed the mother and daughter. preliminary blood alcohol tests indicate he was intoxicated. now if you can read here on this sign it says the dead cannot cry out for justice. it is a duty of the living to do so for them. coming up on tuesday at 7:00 the family tells me that they're going to have a final vigil for the mother and her daughter. reporting live in livermore, nbc bay area news.
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>> thank you so much. tonight, eight people are homeless after a three alarm fire nearly destroyed two san jose homes. this happened about 2:00 this morning in downtown soegan jose. the neighbor says she naught there was a backyard bonfire going on but when she realized how strong the flames were she called 911 and rushed over to help her neighbors. thankfully, she saw them to a safe area. >> when i least expected it just all caught on fire and started going into her kitchen and the trees and just exploded, sort of boom. >> the red cross is now helping the victims find new housing. firefighters say the cause seems to be accidental. it's not exactly clear what happened at this point. they upon able to control the fire within an hour, and snowiers to report. heads up in the east bay. your water might start to taste weird and smell weird today. and you can also blame it on the drought. starting today, east bay
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mud is switching the reservoir. the east bay mud will grab water from further up the reservoir, and that water has an earthy taste and fishy smell, so that's what's coming your way. let us know what it's like. can you get away with breaking the law and staying in business? well if you're a medical marijuana distributor in san jose, the answer appears to be yes. the investigative unit used hidden cameras to expose the inside world of one of san jose's busiest medical marijuana distributors. customers and employees and private security guards told us how its business sold pot to people under the age requirement and violated other city laws. now in the wake of our investigation, san jose leaders including the mayor are responding to what our hidden cameras uncovered. >> so i don't think you're an undercover cop. so you have to be 18, obviously. 21 and up.
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>> oh do you work here? >> i do work here, yeah. >> okay, cool. >> yeah so 18 and up. we say 21 and up over the phone. >> it's very much a wild, wild west approach, if you will. and probably the way they have been operating all along. i'm not surprised. >> what's your message to the people that are running this business? >> well, we're not going to stop. we're going to have a hearing in court in may. we expect and hope that the judge will ensure that the judge will help us shut this business down. >> chief investigative reporter tony kovaleski exposes a pot shop not following the rules. at 11:00, you can see that report right here on nbc bay area news. coming up tonight, carly fiorina. she wants to be the in politics.
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and we're track a strong sea breeze. we'll pull in more clouds and misty skies for monday morning and also do a number to our daytime highs tomorrow. much cooler start for next week's forecast. closed captioning provided by mancini's sleep world. enjoy our lowest prices of the season.
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new details tonight. a small community in mississippi is mourning the loss of two police officers. four suspects have been charged, but local leaders say some
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questions remain about the deaths, and they will not be answered right away. nbc's brian moore has the story now from washington. >> reporter: hattiesburg, mississippi, hadn't seen an officer slain in the line of duty in more than 30 years. today, that close-knit community is coping with a double tragedy. >> here we are on mother's day. it's a tragedy for all america. it's a tragedy for our community. >> reporter: officer benjamin dean who initiated a fateful traffic stop and his backup, liquori tate were gunned down. after a massive manhunt, police arrested four suspects. marvin banks charged with two counts of capital murder was this woman, joanie calloway. his brother, charged as accessory after the fact and this man charged withas well.
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>> we know that he called for backup for a reason. >> reporter: hattiesburg police have turned the case over to the mississippi bureau of investigation as a department and a community dealing with a sudden loss. coincidentally, police from around the country and here in the nation's capital this week to pay respects to officers killed in the line of duty. this year, 273 names are being added to the national law enforcement officers memorial. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. police data is showing that south bay police officers are pulling over more blacks and latinos compared to other races. that's according to the san jose mercury news. they looked at police activity from january through september of last year. the report shows that although black and latinos make up about 1/3 of the city's population those groups made up nearly 2/3 of the traffic stops,.
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still, only 6% of all of those stopped ended up being arrested. turning to decision 2016. republican presidential candidate carly fiorina defends her record at hewlett-packard. during her time there, she laid off 3,500 people. >> why did they fire them? >> i managed hewlett-packard through the worst technology recession through 20 years and yes, indeed some tough calls were necessary. there's nothing worse than laying someone off. on the other hand, many companies against which we competed are gone altogether. we went from lagging behind in every product category to leading in every product category, and we grew jobs here in the u.s. and all over the world. >> fiorina held the top job from 1999 until 2005 when the board fired her. she is considered a long shot at the current time to win the republican nomination. pope francis held a rare
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sunday meeting with raul castro at the vat kin today. -- vatican today. castro asked to stop in before he headed back to moscow. pope francis wanted to thank castro for the negotiations with the u.s. castro said after meeting the pope today, he actually might return to the church. tropical depression anna is hovering over two states. anna is still packing winds of 35 miles per hour. most of the storm warnings have been dropped so far, but anna could still bring six inches of rain which means a potential for major flooding. >> let's get more on that from meteorologist rob mietta. >> you can see the extent of the storm right now basically in the southern half of north carolina. it's cleared away from south carolina. and heavy rains and gusty winds
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continue, and that will be the potential for flooding and probably beach erosion towards cape hatteras in the outer banks of north carolina. the areas in orange and red, closing in about half a foot of rain. all of that moisture will eventually head up into the northeast into parts of new york and philadelphia in the next few days. north central texas, tornado watches continue there. and it's a wide area that into tonight will continue to see the threat of severe weather from dallas to north of houston, almost to memphis, st. louis, and approaching chicago. the severe weather continues there off of the east of the rockies. now back to the bay area. cool temperatures. sea breeze really just cranked up to overdrive right now. 63 in san jose. 58 in san francisco, with the sunshine. over towards oakland, hazy skies and also 58 degrees. as you saw san jose, two high clouds there. 63 currently. and during the day today, even with the on shore winds and all the sunshine, we did have clouds to start the morning. as you can see looking down from
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mt. hamilton the sunshine broke through the clouds and managed to get up close to the low 70s with the sea breeze picking up about 3:00 in the afternoon. that also brought a lot of low clouds. jump banked them up right along the coast. over the next couple of afternoons, we'll have to watch not really the bay area hilltops but areas north of lake county up on the northern coastal range could see some thunderstorms showing up for monday and tuesday. but nothing around the bay area other than mist and drizzle as the low clouds come racing in toward the morning. toward the afternoon, the coast getting a little more sunshine but not necessarily a warmer day tomorrow as the wind speeds will increase. so it will be winds out of the northwest 20-30y miles per hour plus wind gusts. but the temperatures not climbing much from morning to midday. you have 50s and low 60s outside. and high temperatures tomorrow for most inland valleys too are looking at upper 60s around downtown san jose.
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closer to 70 over towards saratoga. north bay temperatures close to 72 in santa rosa. and you'll see 68 in dublin. tuesday to wednesday, you can see the inland temperatures, south bay fairly cool. upper 50s closer to san francisco. and notice the trend for the east shore, north bay, and trivalley, clouds on the increase. at the end of the seven-day forecast, we still have a slight chance coming into thursday and friday if this weather system of bringing at least a few showers our way for the end of the week possibly to start next weekend too. stay tuned late thursday. may see a few more showers headed our way. back to you. >> thank you. coming up next google is making it even easier to order out. >> i like the sound of that. the new option you'll be seeing when you search nearby restaurants.
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new at 6:00 the biggest search engine is making it super easy to order food. now you can order food directly from a google search. there will be a place an order option for you to click on when you search for nearby food joints. currently there are six food ordering sites to choose from including grub hub, seamless and google plans to add more options down the road. right now, comcast sportsnet with an update. mindy, i just learned you are the mom to three boys. happy mother's day to you. >> i am. thank you so much. i have the big boy sports and then i go home and have the little boy sports. i have it all. but we start with the big team known as the golden state warriors. they trail two games to one in the playoff series with the grizzlies. today the warriors found out they'll be without a key player for game four. plus yogi berra once said love is the most important thing in
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the world. but baseball is pretty good too. a's and giants, mother's day highlights, up next. then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours.
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the warriors learned today they will be without maurice fate for game four monday night against the grizzlies. an mri revealed that he has a moderate right sprain. we have more from memphis as the warriors trail two games to one.
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>> the warriors did not have practice today. instead, they watched film. they watched the entirety of game three back and it was an open conversation between the players and the coaches as they broke it down and discussed what happened. >> coach talked a lot, but he opened the floor up to whenever someone saw something, anybody could say something. there was a lot of dialogue, you know. guys what they should have done in a certain situation. and other guys he acknowledged in other things as well. >> it's grim, you know. but we lost. it's no fun to lose. you know, they took it to us. and we needed to see why. and what. and how. and so we -- yeah we've been in there for it seems like all day. and we're hashing it all out. and we presented them with some thoughts. and a plan. and we wanted to hear what they have to say. you know it was a good meeting. you need to have those. >> reporter: last night after the game the mvp, stephen
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curry, found himself alone until green invited him out. >> it was cool just to sit back and relaxed. i texted steph and said, i'm already there. what are you doing? nothing. sitting in the room. come meet us here. and just relax. you know everybody is up in flames, everybody wants to panic. just come, sit, have dinner, relax. and it was good. we had a good time. >> the warriors aren't the only ones reviewing the tape. tony allen credited some of his defensive success to his ipad where he has every single one of the warriors plays on it and also klay thompson and stephen curry, all of their moves and pin-downs. he says after he watches it he rehearses it back in his head. in memphis, nbc bay area. it was a great mother's day
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matinee at at&t park as the giants hosted the marlins. down a run in the bottom of the out. two out. and a bases loaded walk. in comes the tying run. next batter, matt duffy. look at that. duffy's first career walk-off. the giants win. they split the four-game series. the a's don't have such good luck trying to avoid the sweep? seattle. down by three runs. marcus simian hit a solo shot, his second home run of the game. that is his first two home run game. congratulations to him. i'm sure mom is proud. but coco crisp goes down on a called strike. looks a little outside. a's lose by one, their fifth straight loss. the final round of the players championship. ricky fowler was three back of the lead. this is on 16 going for the par 5 in two. this is his second stroke. look where this lands.
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absolutely perfect. just two feet from the cup. he would eagle. he shot 67 and was the leader in the clubhouse at 12 under. in the final group, though, kevin kissner chasing fowler. kissner needs a putt for the win on 18. just misses. how does that not fall? so this goes to a playoff. and in the playoff fowler putting for the win, and birdies. gets it to drop. he is your 2015 players champion, and he gets the kiss of the decade from his girlfriend. and i have one mother's day quote to share with you. quote, my dream was to play football for the oakland raiders, but my mother thought i would get hurt playing football so she chose baseball for me. i guess moms do know best. ricky henderson said that. i think that's good advice to follow from ricky henderson's mom. happy mother's day to you, peggy. >> thank you right back at you.
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that was the kiss of the decade. >> did you add the sound? because i heard it. i heard the kiss. >> and it went on and on and on. >> ricky fowler's girlfriend is a very beautiful swimsuit model. and i think everyone in the sports area here is more in tune with that kiss right now than his performance today. >> she was pretty much wearing some kind of a bathing suit. >> that's right. >> half a top. >> yes. >> thank you so much. talk to you soon. we'll be right back.
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everyone knows that motherhood really is a pretty tough job. but it's drastically more difficult for moms who have children with cancer. >> every mother's day the american cancer society and the great american team in santa clara team up to give moms and their families a day off from cancer. families are invited for a picnic and all the rides they can jam into one afternoon. >> a lot of them because of what they're fighting with cancer can't afford a day like this. if we can help put some smiles on their faces during tough times and bring the entire family and let the brothers and sisters know that the cancer patient is the reason they are here, it makes a great day for everyone. >> this year, about 600 kids and their families attended the courageous kids day. >> let's leave you with one quick look at the forecast. >> tomorrow morning, low clouds. mist for a few spots. and breezy and clearing for the afternoon. and those are high temperatures there tomorrow. trivalley close to 70.
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upper 60s near san jose. and only near 60 tomorrow for the high. >> thanks. >> thank you for choosing nbc bay area. >> see you back here tonight at 11:00. >> good night.
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